Fetured Project: Irving Convention Center Timeless landmark for Las Colinas

One of the most environmentally friendly convention centers in North America, designed by architects RMJM, has opened its doors to the public. The Las Colinas Convention Center in Texas, is wrapped in copper cladding designed to generate a changing patina as it ages over time – a striking and timeless icon for a Western boomtown in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Unlike the typical horizontal orientation of most convention centers, the 275,000 sq ft multi-functional facility at Las Colinas incorporates a stacked 50,000 sq ft column free exhibit hall, a 20,000 sq ft ballroom and 20 large meeting rooms in a vertical interplay of copper, glass and steel. The facility’s highly flexible open interior design affords it the functionality to simultaneously host several different types of events and meetings, while the vertical form maximizes useable space in a minimum footprint to foster self-shading and boost energy efficiency.

The convention center operates as an event space, a civic center and destination space for local residents with a cafe and large outdoor shaded deck on the second floor. The third floor features twelve rooms for meetings and classes, along with a junior ballroom that can be divided into eight individual rooms. The site provides views onto rooftop garden terraces in the area and to the Dallas skyline.

Theodore Barber & Company, Inc. designed the State-of-the-Art Main Kitchen, Concessions Areas, Main Ball Room, Beverage Pantries and Cafe.

The Irving Convention Center is one of the most advanced and energy efficient in North America. The building was designed to be as efficient and flexible as possible, reducing the footprint and making it appealing to a wide range of organisations. The perforated copper wrapper has made it an iconic symbol of Irving’s explosive new growth.”
Owner: City of Irving, Texas
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Architect: RMJM
Foodservice Consultant: Theodore Barber & Company
Equipment Dealer: Stafford Smith